Here is a list of our open opportunities:

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Citrine Angels Seeks Pro Bono Attorney 

Citrine Angels is looking for someone to join us as our in-house, pro-bono attorney for a minimum two-year term. Below is a description of what we are looking for. Please email if you are interested in the position or know someone who might be. 

Attorney work for organization (pro bono), totaling 5-10 hours per month, includes:

  • Review legal documents on behalf of Citrine, such as agreement with insurance provider; Member Agreement; Corporate/Board documents; agreements with vendors, service providers, and sponsors; and others as needed.  Time will include an annual review of documents
  • Provide securities law advice on an ad hoc basis
  • Assist with special projects such as grant applications and the ongoing discussions regarding proprietary SPVs or other investment vehicles
  • Can meet/discuss/explain such documents to the Board, as needed (pending coordinating a time for meeting)
  • Attend Full Board and Executive Board meetings on alternative months, as available

Citrine Offers:

  • Featured as Citrine attorney on website, as applicable
  • Option to host educational session for members
  • Company to be provided in-kind Seed Sponsor status, which includes one individual membership and additional benefits 

Pro Bono Attorney may also offer paid packages to members, such as reviewing investment documents for a group of members, assisting in set up of LLC or other structures to streamline investing, etc.

The pro bono term will last two years, with the option to extend.

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Citrine Angels Seeks Year-Long MBA Venture Fellows

Each semester, Citrine Angels selects 2-4 MBA students to participate in its part-time, 12-month fellowship program. This is an excellent opportunity for MBA students to learn more about evaluating early-stage companies, angel investing, and the venture ecosystem. Fellows meet with the Citrine Angels members - all successful professional local women - and have the opportunity to see dozens of startup companies founded by women over the course of the year.  Fellows will get experience screening companies, conducting due diligence, and writing memos. They receive access to all exclusive member events, including pitch meetings, investor educational discussions, and venture industry events, as well as 1:1 coaching, guidance, and mentorship opportunities.

Interested candidates should contact with their resume and cover letter by May 15, 2023.

This role would begin July 1, 2023, and continue through June 30, 2024. The anticipated commitment is 5-7 hours/week. 

Preference is given to MBA students finishing their first year with a passion for supporting diversity in venture funding, but other candidates will also be considered (such as incoming first-year MBA students or part-time, second-year MBA students). The number of fellows selected is determined by the quality of candidates, the anticipated need of the organization, and the bandwidth of Citrine’s Board of Directors to mentor and educate fellows. 

The ideal candidate should have some knowledge about and interest in the startup ecosystem, be a motivated self-starter who works well independently, and be incredibly detail oriented. The candidate should thrive in a dynamic environment where new challenges come up every day and be flexible, dependable, and efficient in varying environments. 

The role of the Venture Fellow will be to assist with the various tasks of running an angel group. Duties could include:

  • Screening investment candidates based on predetermined criteria 
  • Conducting due diligence for startups selected by the Citrine Angels community
  • Preparing due diligence summary reports for startups selected by the Citrine Angels community
  • Attending pitch meetings as available 
  • Other operational and administrative tasks to assist the organization as needed

Standout candidates will have:

  • Strong leadership, presentation, and technical skills
  • A proven track record of success as a high-energy self-starter 
  • Excellent analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Curiosity about technology, innovation, and/or diversity in the venture space

Note: This position comes with a small stipend, and/or may be used for credit where applicable. 


Citrine Angels, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit committed to empowering female entrepreneurs through investments and mentorship, aims to close the persistent gender funding gap and increase the number of successful women-led businesses. Founded in 2019, Citrine has invested nearly $800,000 in 14 female-founded early-stage businesses that have gone on to collectively raise over $235 million in capital to fuel business growth.

Citrine launched its MBA fellowship program in 2020 to give women MBA students crucial experience in the venture arena - allowing them to decide if they want to work in the ecosystem or become angel investors themselves.


"I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Citrine Angels as a fellow, which has been a challenging, interesting and rewarding experience. Working closely with the team, I learned how to effectively evaluate the potential of a startup and dive deep into due diligence in interesting fields such as NFT, biotech, and medtech. Citrine Angels, as well as the larger network of female VC executives and angel investors in the DMV area they introduced me to, has been very supportive in helping me chart my career path. I wish I had known about this opportunity when I just started my MBA program at UMD.” 

- Nguyet Minh "Vivi" Chu