Helpful Resources

Below is a list of resources founders may find helpful as they prepare to pitch investors. 


GAN Accelerators 

A list of vetted accelerators around the world with a diverse industry focus. 

Startup Boost 

Support pre-seed stage startups towards Accelerators, Investment, and/or Revenue 


Office Hours 

VC After Hours

Practice your pitch, bounce ideas, or white board with a fresh set of eyes.


Pitch Creator

Online resources to teach entrepreneurs how to pitch to investors. 

General Resources


Helping startups & small businesses find venture-building resources within their local area. From funding opportunities to new office space, our platforms highlight the assets that make your community a great place to build.

Get Backed  By Evan Behr and Evan Loomis  

Great resource for slide deck examples and related topics like graphic design, writing style, etc.

Venture Deals – Be Smarter than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist By Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson

This book covers important topics the Foundation Course does not cover like legal issues, the term sheet, the capitalization table, how venture capital funds work, and negotiation tactics.

Mastering the VC Game By Jeffrey Bussgang

If you are raising a venture capital round, this book will help you to “know your audience." 

Here’s the Pitch By Martin Soorjoo

Book on pitching in general. Has advanced topics that could be helpful when you pitch investors.


In addition to the resources above, Citrine Angel members may offer coaching sessions, mentoring and other help for entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help female founders be successful.