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The first step is to complete our online application, which one of our team will review. We may then invite you to a prescreening meeting with members of our Deal Flow Committee to preview your pitch. Companies who meet our criteria may be invited to present to our group at one of our monthly investor meetings.





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Vision: A business concept which has the potential to scale substantially

Revenues: Validation of the business model as illustrated by existing revenues
Dedicated staff: The founder and key employees work on the business full time
Traction: A track record of growth demonstrated by the metrics relevant to the industry sector
Team: Access to the knowledge and expertise needed to take the company to the next level, which may be through employees, an advisory board, and/or a board of directors
Competitive advantage: A differentiated business which is difficult for competitors to copy
Use of proceeds: A well-defined use of proceeds which would directly drive revenue and profit growth
Mid-Atlantic: Ability to present in person to members, with a preference for companies in the Washington DC area

Why Pitch Citrine Angels?

In addition to potential funding, our group provides additional benefits to established growth companies

Supportive Environment

We want to understand your goals and help you succeed. We'll provide feedback and business advice to you if we meet

Timely Decision-Making

We know your time is valuable. We aim to respond to online applications within 48 hours and encourage our members to expedite their investment decisions 

Due Diligence Reports

As part of our group process, we may write a due diligence report about your company, and will share feedback with you