Citrine Angels 2022 Deal Flow: By the Numbers

Deal Flow by the Numbers_ Year in Review

It’s January, and for many of us, that means it’s time to look back on 2022 as we forge ahead into 2023. 

Deal flow, one of the focal points of the Citrine Angels organization, was certainly a high point for us last year. Our Deal Flow Committee – headed by chair Michelle Olenoski and ably assisted by fellows Vivian Chu and HanhLinh Ho Tran – brought our members exciting new angel investment opportunities throughout the year. 

In total, we invested more than $220K in five diverse women-founded startups. Our investments targeted a wide range of products and services, including a spirit made from an ancient superfood, an organization that eases the stress of airport travel, a company at the forefront of an emerging fashion niche, an advance in brew-at-home milk alternatives, and a healthier alternative to food on the go.

We are excited to partner with our new portfolio companies. Please check them out below:


KLEOS is first mastiha spirit in the USA and can be enjoyed on its own and as a base for cocktails.


No Limbits is at the forefront of the adaptive fashion industry, with items designed to meet the needs of amputees without compromising personal style.


Nutr allows users to brew their own plant-based milk. Their innovative pitcher does all of the blending, juicing and cleaning with a touch of a button.


SkySquad provides airport assistance to families and anyone else who needs a helping hand while traveling. Their trained and vetted professionals support clients from the car door to the gate.


Wellfound Foods

Wellfound Foods offers healthy, fresh, and easy-to-eat prepackaged options to consumers on the go. Their machines, which can be found easily on the Wellfound Foods app, are in airports, train stations, hospital cafeterias, and other places of business. 


Here’s to an exciting 2023! If you’re ready to join us in our mission to help women invest in women, click this link to learn more about becoming a Citrine Angel.