Show Her The Money

Citrine Angels is included in a new groundbreaking documentary highlighting the need to support female founded startups!

In the realm of angel investing, where emerging entrepreneurs seek financial support from experienced backers, there's frequently an aspiration to unearth the next groundbreaking venture. Angel investors play an essential part in fostering startups, and within the domain of angel investing, an increasing awareness has emerged that diversity and inclusivity are vital elements for unleashing the complete potential of innovation. 

"Show Her the Money," which debuted last month and is currently touring around the U.S., delves into the pressing issue of gender disparity in the world of venture capital and the journey of women entrepreneurs who strive to break the mold. It has been featured at the Philadelphia Women's Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Film Festival, and the Twin Cities Film Festival, securing the Best Feature Documentary award at each event.

The documentary highlights the underrepresentation of women in the financial world, where less than 2% of venture capital is directed towards female founders. It showcases the remarkable stories of four visionary women who bootstrap their companies into success stories, all while receiving the invaluable support of their angel investors. 

For those who are passionate about angel investing and empowering women in entrepreneurship, "Show Her the Money" is a poignant reminder that money is indeed power, and it's time women have equal access to it.  Citrine Angels is proud to be one of the female-focused angel investment organizations featured in the movie, alongside Womens VC Fund II, Broadway Angels, Stella and others.

Want to see more? Check out the official trailer here and view their website for a list of upcoming screenings. 

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